Holiday Brunch Boards

With the holiday right around the corner, you’re likely feeding a few extra mouths.  Brunch boards are a favorite of mine and the perfect way to celebrate.  They come together easily and can wow a crowd! 

Start with a large cutting board or tray and position a few small containers or ramekins on it.  I like to fill these with berries, jams or even nuts.  Next, work your bigger items around the ramekins.  This could be bagels, banana bread or even a coffee cake.  Now, we are ready to fill in with some protein.  Perhaps a frittata, hard boiled eggs or some cooked bacon?  Lastly up, fill in any open spaces with extra fruit, garnish with fresh herbs or flowers and you are ready to go!⁣ For an extra festive touch this time of year, go for some candy canes, peppermint sticks and any fun, holidays candies you have.

My tricks for easy prep the morning of? ⁣

Lay out your cutting board or serving piece along with any smaller bowls so you can see how it will all fit and look.⁣

Pre-wash and pre-portion your fruit so it’s ready to go!⁣

Prep any quick breads ahead of time.  You can make these up to a week in advance.  Wrap in foil and place in a gallon sized storage bag and place in freezer.  The night before, defrost on the counter and then cut into pieces the morning of.⁣

Hard boiled eggs and candied bacon can also be made a day ahead.⁣

Make it easy on yourself and grab a half dozen bagels or donut holes.  Easy, crowd pleasing and a great addition to any board!⁣

When in doubt, add fresh greens with herbs and flowers to spice it up!⁣

A few of our favorite recipes to include on your brunch board can be found right here on our site.  Check out these guaranteed winners:⁣

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