Holiday Sweets Board

Having a holiday party? Our sweets boards are fun, perfect for all ages and add a great addition of fun and decor to your party food. Load up your favorite cookies, candies and bites and fill up your favorite board. Nearly my entire board came with goodies from Trader Joe’s! ⁣

A few of my favorite tips? ⁣

  • Place two groupings of similar items across the board from each other for symmetry and consistency.⁣
  • Use a variety of colors to bring the board to life but don’t go crazy. I stuck with lots of neutrals and whites with some pops of red and green.⁣
  • Appeal to both adults and kids with fun bites, no matter the age.⁣
  • Incorporate some whimsy with greenery, snowmen, trees or whatever you have on hand!⁣
  • Be patient and move items around frequently until you get them just as you’d like!⁣ Enlist the kids to help, too!⁣
  • Use items like little bowls or ramekins for any smaller candies. These can help provide borders or edging to hold items in.⁣
  • Once finished, add in some fillers. I used mini peanut butter cups to fill open spaces.⁣
  • Need to make ahead? Prep early, even one day in advance and cover with plastic wrap or foil until ready to serve.⁣
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