New Year’s Eve Charcuterie Board

Have fun with your New Year’s Eve celebration with our festive charcuterie board. A delicious and filling appetizer that also makes perfect decoration for your spread.

Enjoy my tips on how to make the perfect board. First, anchor in a color scheme or flavor scheme for the board. For the New Year’s Eve edition, I tried to anchor in dark browns & blacks with white pops. I also added a bit more color with the meats. Second, I like a 3-3-3 rule. For me, this means at least three types of meats, three types of cheese and three types of crackers. You can fill it with other ingredients to add more color and dimension but the meats, cheeses and crackers will be the most filling items. Additionally, use ramekins and small bowls for anchors on the board. Position them early when filling your board and use them to help contain the smaller items. Lastly, use greenery, herbs, small fruit and nuts to help fill in any open areas once complete. Charcuterie boards can be made ahead but not too far ahead of serving. I prepare no more than 12 hours ahead. Cover the board and keep cool. Remove cover and let come to room temperature 30-60 minutes before serving. Enjoy!

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