Pear and Prosciutto Wrap Ups

Have you ever had an apple pear?  They are just as they sound – the perfect combination of an apple and pear.  Perfectly crisp and just the right amount of sweetness.  They make the perfect back drop for this amazingly quick and easy app.  Whip it up in less than 10 minutes!  No apple pears available?  A plain pear works great, too!

Makes 1 dozen


1 apple pear (can substitute plain pears), sliced roughly 1/4” thick

4 oz Brie, thinly sliced

6 slices prosciutto, cut in half lengthwise

Fresh basil


Balsamic glaze


Top each slice of apple pear with a thin slice of Brie.  Top with a leaf of basil.  Wrap proscuitto around all ingredients to hold it together.

Plate all bites.  When done, drizzle with honey  and balsamic glaze.  That’s it!  Enjoy!

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